Bonavita BV1900TS Reviews-8 Cup Automatic Brewer with Thermal Carafe

  • Bonavita BV1900TS Reviews

There are so many options for you to pick out from in which you want to shop for an automated drip coffee device to your home. Each with its functionality gives its special capabilities and some even come with programmability and other special features. There are seven SCAA certified drip coffee makers in the marketplace and Bonavita BV1900TS  is certainly one of them. You may additionally wonder, is it SCAA licensed coffee system well worth the funding or its miles only a gimmick?

Well, water temperature, brew cycle time, the taste of coffee all these factors are considered whilst certifying an espresso brewer from SCAA. So, in case you are buying an SCAA certified automatic espresso maker then all these elements are already taken care of.

Today I am reviewing one of the easy SCAA licensed Bonavita BV1900TS Reviews-8 Cup Automatic Brewer with Thermal Carafe.


Model BV1900TS
Type Automatic Drip
Brewing Time 6min
Cup Ability 8
Dimensions H x W x D (in.) 12.4 x 6.8 x 12.2 inches
Item Weight (lbs.) 6.13 pounds
Color Silver
Year Developed 2013
SCAA Certified Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes (upper rack)

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  • Performance espresso brewer makes an 8-cup carafe in approximately 6 minutes
  •  It’s an easy unit with the simplest 1 button
  •  Runs very quietly
  •  Very smooth to use and maintain
  • One-touch brewing for ease of use
  • Showerhead design enables even saturation of coffee grounds
  • SCAA certified


  • Some customers complained that it’s difficult to get the remaining bit of coffee out of the stainless steel thermal carafe, specifically since the lid has a button that you push down so that it will pour the espresso. Some clients did sense that a simple swivel lid might have kept in step with the simple layout that Bonavita changed into going for.
  • The glass thermal espresso carafe could be the solution to the inflammation that some customers have with the lid but the machine only comes with one or the other.
  • The Bonavita guarantees to brew your coffee between 195 tiers and 200 ranges Fahrenheit to be able to get the best pleasant espresso. However, some clients felt that it falls just shy of that, specifically if you’re looking to move far from a coffee brewing manner like a French Press or a Keurig brewer.
  • The small cup size (Bonavita considers a cup of espresso to be five oz, whereas 8 extra common across the board) changed into frustrating for some because you can most effectively make forty oz worth of coffee.


 This brewer has a design set to offer the same levels of vaunted espresso-making performance. Although no longer the everyday smooth lined brewer, its simplicity provides a little extra touch into the brewing cycle, making espresso pots more gratifying

Bonavita BV1900TS Features

One-Touch Brew Operation: This makes brewing a piece of cake via an easy click of a button. This one-touch brew operation characteristic putting has an auto-shutoff design that forestalls spillage and espresso over brews.

1500-watt heating machine: This 1500 W heating machine brews the coffee at temperature levels starting from 198 to 205 ranges Fahrenheit. This guarantees that your coffee in no way reveals its manner into the microwave for a fast warmness up, and a chilly creamer is not enough to cool it.

Flat-Bottom Filter Basket and Wide Spray Head: The flat-bottom filter out basket has a huge spray head that guarantees powerful saturation of ground espresso so one can put together a calmly brewed coffee pot. The slender drip spout permits out the go with the flow of water into the center of your pile of grounded coffee. This weakens the coffees’ flavor since most of the less extracted espresso remains inside the outer components of the clear out.

Pre-Infusion For Increased Flavor: This additional feature lets in it to pre-infuse automatically (in simple terms ‘soak’) the ground espresso in water before the start of the brewing cycle to degas the beans. All you need to do is preserve down for 5 seconds the on-off switch to activate the device in pre-infuse mode. A red light flash alert at the switch suggests the activation of the brewing process.

Bonavita claims that pre-infusing helps in removing overly acidic and unpleasant freshly roasted espresso beans flavors.



BV 1900TS is one in every of the pinnacle drip coffee makers with a simple design. This version is properly designed with the sensible addition of the auto energy off button. I constantly prefer thermal carafes over glass ones.

However, pouring out coffee from the carafe without spilling desires some more skills. Without the carafe lid coffee pours all over the place; with the lid, you can get those previous couples of oz of coffee. You want to make the carafe upside down to pour out those previous couples of ounces of espresso.

In this brewer, clear out sits immediately on the carafe. Some supply thumbs as much as this feature, pronouncing it maintains grounds out of the coffee better than other designs. But my difficulty is that in which to preserve the carafe lid while coffee is brewing and once the brewing is carried out where to hold the filter out basket? While the espresso is brewing, you need to preserve the carafe lid aside. In both ways, the carafe is a little annoying.

Once the brewing is performed, you want to do away with the clear out basket, unload the grounds and rinse the basket and set it aside for drying. Filter basket does no longer joins lower back to the machine till you are performed with the coffee brewer. Once you are achieved, then you can save the basket again on a pinnacle of the carafe.

If you do that, then you still have to store the lid somewhere

Ease of use

Bonavita BV1900TS is both clean to apply and fine-tuned for notable espresso brewing. It is a simple gadget with one button and two options.
The unmarried button is to show on/off the system. By preserving the identical button for some seconds, you may spark off the pre-infusion alternative. You want to press the button until the light blinks. This may be a little perplexing since you have got an unmarried button to turn on the machine as well as to set the pre-infusion option.

Let me make it clear – press the button till the light blinks. Now the pre-infusion option is activated. Then push the button to begin the brew cycle. A solid light while brewing way the pre-infusion button isn’t activated and if the mild blinks at some stage in brewing, then you have set the option right.
Now, you may think what this pre-infusion choice is all about?

Freshly roasted coffee gives off carbon dioxide and is referred to as degassing. If the pre-infusion alternative is set, coffee grounds get soaked before the brewing starts, to allow degassing and this will decorate flavor. I commonly use ground espresso, so for me, it tastes quality with the solid ‘normal’ alternative. Occasionally after I grind the complete beans, I just like the blinking pre-soak option. It lowers the bitterness appreciably and impacts the flavor noticeably.

Even, cleansing 1900TS is much cleaner. Most of the parts are made of stainless steel. You don’t need to worry approximately any shattered glasses like inside the case of BV1800. It never befell to me, though! I take care of matters carefully, especially when they’re made up of glass. Descaling is suggested after every 100 uses. The plastic parts like – the carafe lid, clear out the basket and bathe head are all BPA free.


The Bonavita BV1900TS is simply as easy to clean as it’s far to use. There is a lip on the inside of the carafe that makes it a little bit tough to clean.
Proper care will make certain years of service from this espresso brewer. Aside from retaining the brewer clean and descaling when necessary, there is no user preservation required.
If you operate your coffee carafe to fill the water tank, you could introduce coffee residue into the water tank, which may also lead to coffee oil buildup. If filling along with your carafe, Bonavita recommends cleaning with Full Circle espresso device cleansing powder once a month



Bonavita BV1900TS is an innovative, simple to use coffee maker that provides a high-quality coffee experience. It’s exceptionally fast brewing 8 cups of coffee in under five minutes with a single press of a button. It comes with a choice of a double-walled glass carafe or a stainless steel metallic container. The manufacturer provides a limited two-year warranty.


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