Hamilton Beach Brewmaster Review 2020

A day without a coffee is not complete and coffee without the new product- Hamilton Beach with Alexa smart coffee maker – is not perfect. If you are one of those coffee lovers whose daily routine does not kick start until you have one of those delicious, fresh coffee or maybe you want some fresh morning coffee but do not have the patience or time to sit for the coffee to be ready, then good news for you guys. Because Hamilton Beach has come out with yet another brilliant coffee maker known as ‘Hamilton Beach Brewmaster review with Alexa smart coffee maker’ which has a special ‘Alexa’ feature and is available at only $89.99. Don’t judge too quickly! Once you come to know about its features and specialties it will change your mind.


Hamilton Beach brew master review

Hamilton Beach brewmaster review



Product Specifications:


Style: Smart coffee maker

Model Alexa Enabled Smart
Material Stainless steel, Glass, Plastic
Band Hamilton Beach
Color Black and Stainless Steel
Capacity 12 cups
Price $89.99
Weight 6.69 pounds


Product Features:

This coffee maker is loaded with features that make not only the coffee drinking experience very enjoyable but also make it easy for the user to make delicious coffee. Here are some features that will make you fall in love with this user-friendly coffee making device:

Works with ‘Alexa’

Alexa smart 12 cup coffee maker works with Alexa giving you the ability to ask your Alexa app or Alexa smart speaker to start brewing, change brew strength, or turn off the coffee maker. The clock automatically keeps the correct time by syncing wirelessly with the app. You can easily program for wake-up ready coffee using routines in the Alexa app. Visit the Alexa app regularly to learn new functions or things to say as it launches new commands. Additionally, it is certified for humans- Struggle-free, tinker-free, Stress-free with no patience needed- it is simple yet technologically advanced.

As it works with Alexa, this smart coffee maker “works with Alexa certified” meeting a high bar for responsiveness reliability & functionality few smart coffee makers can achieve works with Alexa certification which ensures the best smart home experience with your Alexa app or Echo device.

No additional apps are needed

No need to download additional apps to control the coffee maker you only need the Alexa app to turn the connected brewer on or off also use the Alexa app to set morning routines to the program to brew which gets you out of the door even faster.

Easily add coffee and water

This revolutionary product has got an amazing setup which allows you to easily add coffee and water from the front fill design of the reservoir. It lets you add water without moving the smart coffee maker from under the cabinets. The brew basket uses a standard coffee filter and swings out for front filling. It also has a window on one side which allows you to maintain the water level. If you have a reusable coffee filter it may fit in this model so no need to buy new ones.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind never leaves the house wondering if the coffee maker is still turned ‘ON’. Turn it off using the Alexa app or by saying “Alexa turn off my coffee maker”. And even if you forget that the coffee maker understands you, it’s ‘auto-shutoff’ ability automatically turns off the heating plate after 2 hours. So there’s no need to worry about your coffee maker when it can take care of its own. And it also does not take a lot of space still makes 12 cups of mouth-watering coffee within 14 minutes.

Do it clean

Do not even think about this coffee maker messing up your kitchen with all the coffee-spills all over its place. It’s mess-free serving. Pour a cup without messy spills or drips. The glass carafe is designed with a drip-free pour spout so every drop makes it into your mug. Getting burned is not a problem when opening the door while brewing since there are no water sprays near these doors.

Make the coffee of your style

Your style is unique. Nothing more can give you a fresh start than a cup of coffee in your style. Brew great-tasting coffee choose between regular or bold brew strengths manually or via the Alexa app “Alexa set brew strength to bold” or “Alexa set brew strength to strength”.You can also set routine so that it makes regular morning coffees by itself.

You can add coffee and water the night before and set the coffee maker to ‘ready to brew’ which will make the coffee all ready to be just brewed whenever you want. If mood swings, the automatic pause and serve allows you to pour out coffee and replace the carafe to be filled with more coffee.


Hot coffee all time

The Hamilton Beach Brewmaster Review coffee maker comes fitted with a hot plate that can keep your coffee warm for the whole two hours. No more cold coffee just because you had some work when it was brewing your coffee.

  • • Elegant and good-looking design with blue light (wifi connection) and green (ready to brew).
  • • Alexa certified, which allows the machine to respond to voice commands via the Echo dot or Alexa app.
  • • Ability to control the coffee maker through the app
  • • Programmable to follow a routine
  • • Strength control for bolder and deeper coffee
  • • Easy to use and convenient
  • • 12-cup glass carafe with a heating plate
  • • Takes up little space.
  • • Keeps the coffee warm up to two hours
  • • Automatically shuts off after two hours of inactivity.
  • • NOT compatible with other smart home systems (such as Google Home or TP-Link)
  • • The minimum amount of water in the tank is quite high. Otherwise, the coffee maker will not brew if there’s not enough water.
  • • There’s no single-cup option
  • • Water tank is not removable – need to pour water from the top
  • • Not k-cup compatible
  • • There’s no single-cup option


Reviews by customers on ‘Hamilton beach brewmaster

smart coffee maker with Alexa’:


  • Not only does it make awesome coffee it’s also smart! Best invention since hand warmers haha. Anyways, brewed a pot of coffee immediately after receiving and I do gotta say is one of the best homemade coffees I’ve had. Pairs seamlessly with Alexa. Like how awesome is it to be just waking up, and saying “Alexa make me some coffee’! Today’s the first day so I can’t wait to be able to do that in the morning lol. I would give this 10 stars if I could. It’s just a great little machine. If you are on the fence. Seriously just jump over.


  • I could not wait for this coffee maker to arrive! I love that I can set a routine in Alexa and set it to brew when we tell her Good morning! Wifi set up was super easy, so we never have to worry about resetting the clock if the power goes out because it does it for you! What I love most about this coffee maker though is that I no longer have to drag it out from under the cabinet as it is ALL front loading. The carafe is one of the few that doesn’t leak all over when filling the water reservoir or pouring coffee. There is also a brew strength selector so that you can make that first pot of the day extra stout!


  • I wake up, I made this work with my morning routine. So I say Alexa good morning, I do what I normally do and by the time I’m ready to pour my cup of coffee, it’s already made. When my husband wakes up before I do, he tells me to make coffee, I say Alexa start the coffee maker and he does his morning routine and loves there is a bold function to make the coffee flavor a little stronger. Plus, when I make coffee for him I get to go back to sleep. It will keep the coffee hot for up to 2 hours which is also a plus because my husband and I never get up at the same time. Whenever we turn it off, I set it up for the next day and walk away so it’s always ready to make a pot of coffee.


Ø So they beat me to it. I’ve been thinking how nice a Bluetooth enabled coffee maker would be on weekend mornings when I don’t have a set schedule to get up but want that coffee ready by the time I get myself out of bed. Well, Alexa to the rescue. I’m not a huge fan of the whole smart home fad but I have to say this is super convenient. Aside from the convenience factor, this thing brews a flavorful cup of coffee. I had a Ninja coffee system that died after a year (right after warranty expiration-stay away) and this coffee maker is just as good if not better. The iPhone Alexa app is all I needed to be able to get Alexa started on my brew. I love it.


  • The review of the coffee maker posted by A. Mitchell is so thorough, I would recommend you do your due diligence and read it. She is right on the spot. I LOVE my coffee maker! I can’t say enough about the convenience of rolling over in bed and saying, “Alexa, turn on the coffee maker.” It sounds lazy I know, but being a Mom of two marathon kids (2 and 5), this is a lifesaver, seriously. All I do the night before is add the coffee grounds, the water, and hit the little button that illuminates green, and it’s done! 😍YaY😀


  • Great coffee maker for the price, plus a bonus that it works w Alexa as well.
  • Pros: Alexa set up was very easy as I just had to scan the QR code and a few clicks and Alexa is set up. I also like the option of being able to make the coffee bold or regular. I also bought the Hamilton beach water filter and my first pot tasted great. Lastly, the coffee will stop dripping if you want to grab the pot and pour a cup before the cycle is over.
  • Con: the pot design is a bit flawed as it is impossible to drain it after washing it. It has a plastic lip that does not allow for totally draining the water to allow the pot to dry.

Here is a video link that will help you judge the product more wisely:


Quick buyer’s guide


  • Suitability: Do you want your coffee to be waiting for you already, or are you looking forward to brewing coffee by yourself? A programmable electric coffee machine can do your work if you want a nearly hands-off coffee-making experience. It is more convenient if your coffee maker can take voice commands allowing you to save time.
  • Type of coffee: Whether you like the freshly ground coffee or like the flavored pots available in the market. You must choose whether your coffee maker can change the brew strength to strong or normal.


  • Brew size: Different coffee makers allow different amounts of coffee to be made. Some offer a large range while others are restricted by narrow limits. But it should be notified that you can pour into cups when the coffee maker has a large range. But in the short term, you have to make twice if the amount does not satisfy your need.


  • Sizing: The size of the machine does not affect the amount of coffee you make as it only depends on the jug being used. But what matters is the space it takes. If it does not fit in the designated place you plan for then you may have to change the position time-to-time which is another problem.
  • Custom Brewing Options: The most basic machines have virtually no options aside from adding more or fewer coffee grounds or water, while more complicated machines let you choose, brew strength, and a wide variety of brew sizes. Cup and capsule machines offer options for making hot chocolate, tea, and more. In general, some allow you to be more advanced and run the machines simply yet technologically advanced and others may have too many manual options which may disappoint you when you think about the long process to make a cup of coffee.


  • Extra Features: Other than the brewing options, some coffee makers have other extra features like ‘Alexa’ (which only this coffee maker has), keep warm, auto shut-off, mess-free (avoid spills outside the coffee jug/mug). Some contain audible alerts and lights to notify the progress of brewing or other stages of making the coffee.




Hamilton Beach with

Alexa smart coffee maker



Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer, with 12-cup Glass Carafe, Black and Stainless Steel Finish



Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, with 50 Oz. Glass Carafe, Black and Stainless Steel Finish


Hamilton Beach 46205 Programmable, Coffee Maker, Standard

Price $89.99 $79.99 $149.00 $49.99
‘Alexa Feature’ Yes
Color Black and Stainless Steel Black and stainless steel finish Black and Stainless Steel Finish Standard
Item Dimensions 7.95 x 13.25 x 13.90 inches 16.72 x 10.61 x 15.54 inches 11.99 x 8.75 x 15.04 inches 9.26 x 7.41 x 14.75 inches
Material Plastic, Stainless Steel, glass Plastic Black and Stainless Steel Finish Plastic 
Coffee brew styles Classic and Rich Classic and Rich Classic and Rich Classic and Rich
Works on voice command Yes
Has ‘ready to brew’ option. Yes
Capacity 12 cups 12 cups 9.92 ounces 12 quarts
Programmable Yes Yes Yes



All its features are overwhelming. Our take on the coffee maker from Hamilton Beach brewmaster review is perfect for those who love their cup of coffee at all times. It is easy to clean, durable, and easy to use. If you want different kinds of coffee at different times, this is the perfect brewer for you. A good decision today a better coffee tomorrow.

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