Jura Z6 Coffee Machine Review

Bean-to-cup machines are a coffee lover’s dream come true! By brewing freshly ground coffee, you’ll be able to obtain the best flavor and preserve the coffee beans’ aroma. If you are in search of a high-end, programmable coffee maker sure to make your friends jealous, the Jura Z6 may be just right. Read our full review below to learn more.


Features of Jura Z6

If you’re searching out an amazingly-designed one-touch extraordinary automatic that can carry out all of it and gives its users top-notch comfort of use plus ease of operation. And for that reason, you’d be capable of maintaining complete manage over the brewing approach of your chosen specialty coffee beverages. And wager what? The Jura Z6 gadget offers everything you could expect from a coffee machine.
The first and foremost element that you’d notice about this coffee device is that it’s far a substantial appliance. Having the measurement of 17.7” x 12.6” x 14.8” and a weight of 26 pounds, this coffee gadget gives incredible functions and functionalities.

But, in case your kitchen is of small-sized and when you have a restrained counter area or if the countertops and shelves in your kitchen have a small clearance in among them, you are possibly going to stand problems in locating an area for it.
The segment of the heft of this coffee maker is originated from the fact that each of its the front plus top panels is fabricated from aluminum. Its aspect panels are made of robust ABS plastic.
When it involves the appearance, it’s clear that its designers emphasized its feature over its form. But still, this coffee maker is attractive. Actually, the Z6 is featured with clean and easy lines. It’s equipped to perform anytime, as in line with your convenience.
Reservoir length is the various preferred functions of the incredibly-designed Jura Z6 espresso device. It features a massive 81-ounce plus pinnacle-loading water tank, placed on the left facet of this espresso system while you’re standing in the front of the system.
Whenever you purchase Jura Z6, you’d get the facilities of water filters for its tank which means you’re getting one additional than most of the other machines whose water tanks take a filter.


Jura Z6












Product Specification

Type of coffee machine Automatic
Coffee type used Beans
Filter system Yes
Capacity in cups 2.4 Cups




Top Key features:

  •  Pulse Extraction Process technology
  •  21 programmable products
  •  Water temperature
  •  Programmable milk and milk foam temperature
  •  Programmable coffee power and volume
  •  81oz clever water filter
  •  9.5oz bean hopper
  •  Single thermoblock boiler
  •  Bypass Doser
  •  Grinding levels
  •  Program selector
  •  Adjustable butterfly coffee spouts
  •  Aluminum front and the pinnacle of the chassis
  • Compact
  • The coffee, filer, and tray are electronically monitored
  • Drinks are programmable even while the machine is making them
  • You can stop the making of the drink if you want
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Expensive
  • Only six grind levels
  • Single thermoblock boiler



Automation is probably the main cause you’re looking to shop for the Jura Z6. So you want to make sure it automates the whole thing you need.

I can tell you now the Jura is one heck of a robot barista.
The rotating wheel on a pinnacle of the machine allows you to program as much as ten coffee strengths and three espresso temperatures.

The milk temperature and foam density are also customizable, allowing you to software in as much as 10 variations in density and temperature.
But the without a doubt geeky feature of the Jura is that you could apply in your personal custom drinks.

Like your cappuccino a little warmer than normal? Maybe you like a double shot, extra sturdy Americano? No problem. Set it up as soon as and then you may additionally make your drink on demand.

The key differentiator of the Jura Z6 when in comparison to sub-$1000 espresso machines is that the Jura has the potential to make two coffees as soon as.

It is an appropriate device for those who price convenience without compromising on quality.

The Boiler

At the coronary heart of the Jura is a single boiler with a twin thermo-block system it truly is answerable for packing out sufficient pressure to extract your espresso and steam your milk.

A thermo-block is largely a chain of coils that water passes through which will rapidly heat it. For an unmarried boiler system just like the Jura, this sincerely quickens the coffee-making process.

It is this twin thermo-block system that permits the Jura Z6 to extract espressos at the equal time. If there was most effective one thermo-block it would result in terrible temperature management and a miles slower experience.

There’s one kind of boiler that is superior to thermo-block systems and that is a dual boiler, but you may be searching at spending a heck lot more money. Take Jura’s pinnacle end version, for example, the Jura Giga five on Amazon.

For its charge point, the boiler is sufficiently fast to deal with a family’s morning rush or even act as an office espresso machine.
The dual boilers take about 90 seconds to finish your beverage from turning it on until your latte is prepared for drinking.

The Grinder
Finally is the grinder. This is the most important part of any coffee system as though the grind is horrific your espresso will be terrible. Fortunately, the Jura’s conical burr grinder is up to the task.

A conical burr makes use of gravity to feed espresso beans into the grinder where cone-formed burrs evenly grind the coffee. See the diagram below from my coffee grinder article to look at how they work. The Jura Z6 makes use of a conical burr grinder. (c) Latte Art Guide.
It can keep a quarter 10 oz. of coffee in its bean compartment it truly is freshly sealed by means of a rubber lid.

To change the grind settings turn open a hidden lid proper next to the bean hopper. The grinder has a revolutionary putting to can help you regulate the coarsens of the grind. This is vital as the best coffee grind changes for the duration of the day.

Do Not Buy The Jura Z6 If…

You don’t need milky options – Be realistic: are you actually going to use all the milk frothing options or are you more of espresso and black coffee kind of person? Or perhaps you do like milky coffee, but you already own a separate milk frother? If that’s the case, we recommend buying a more basic model like either the Jura A1 or Ena Micro 1 that focuses on espresso, ristretto, and cups of coffee only. Discover the A1 in our review. Though the Ena Micro 1 has recently been discontinued, you can still read our full review and find it from alternative sellers online.

You want a more budget-friendly superautomatic coffee machine – If you prefer a humbler superautomatic coffee and espresso machine that produces quality coffee without breaking the bank, we think you’re going to love the Gaggia Brera. Available at a very competitive price, this superautomatic coffee machine is an example of authentic Italian design and makes coffee that doesn’t disappoint. Sure, you’ll have to steam the milk manually, but isn’t that what a true barista would do? Read more about the Brera in our full review.

A Few Words About Espresso

At this factor of our Jura Z6 review, we should probably say some words approximately the way coffee is made for individuals who are new to this world. If you’re already familiar with it, just skip over this section.
If you’re gaining knowledge of so, you can purchase your first semi- or super-automatic coffee machine, then you’re likely presently the use of a drip-brew coffee maker. Those machines rely upon gravity to convey the espresso from the grounds chamber and into your waiting pot or cup.
Machines just like the Z6 are different. They use pressure as an integral part of the brewing process. The pressure is measured in bars, with one bar being identical to atmospheric stress at sea level.
It takes at the least 9 bars of strain to make a good espresso shot, and the Z6’s pump is rated at 15 bars so you won’t have any issue on that front! Your machine’s pump has all the energy you need to get world-class coffee, each time you operate it.



BUDGET: For espresso purists looking for a high-quality shot, with minimal bells and whistles, go with the streamlined and more wallet-friendly Ena Micro 1. This machine is super-automatic basics at it’s finest.

BEST VALUE: For cappuccino fans who prefer variety but within a reasonable price range, our pick is the Jura Z6 with fine foam technology for basic cappuccino making and all the features of the lower models – it is the best value compared to some of the top-tier models that offer only small convenience upgrades at much higher price points.

LUXURY: For coffee lovers looking for some frills to enjoy a more luxury experience and a wide range of milk-based drinks, like lattes and macchiato, the full-featured Jura Z6 is your best pick. It offers 15 different beverages, the option to save favorite drinks, and touch screen controls all in a more compact body than the Z series and the Giga.

SHOWSTOPPER: For the overall best of the best, the Jura Z6 is the one to look at (or drool over). Featuring every technology upgrade Jura offers along with double everything (grinder, spout, foaming, etc.), it is like having your own personal Barista at home. Nothing compares.


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